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Member Rating: 8.77 Bobbi Lennox - Date Added: Friday, 04/09/2010
I took this white boy to a mean hood to show him how to be a true thug like myself. I could have showed him how to pimp, hustle, rob, jack, or anything else. His mom blew up our spot and spoke down to me which showed she didn't know who the fuck I am or what I'm capable of doing. She was about to slap the taste out of her son's mouth but copped a plea with me. I was gonna stop hanging with her son and she would suck and fuck the cum out of my fat black sack. He acted like he was getting grounded but he only had to watch his momma take in over a foot of black dick. Her pussy was drenched the moment I got in and Bobbie Lennox almost passed out from taking it all. They soon moved out of state but she still sends me emails through my cell phone cause the bitch is a freak.

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Member david**** Said:
SHIT...A WOMAN WITH NO TATTOOES!!! FUCK ME....I can't believe there were such women!! Wish they wouldn't fuck their bodies up with so much shit on it.

Member dgzjc**** Said:
OMG Bobbi Lennox! This woman needs 2 black dicks!

Member beerb**** Said:
Believe-able Mom, and she smiles for her facial I'd like to see more of her.

Member kowbo**** Said:
wow this is every Jewish boys dream becoming a nigger worshiping cuckold by watching the nice Jewish mom versus the biggest blackest cocks satisfying her primal animal instincts!! put the biggest nigger cocks you got on some NY area jewish moms or ill send you mine shell do it!

Member bigbi**** Said:
My little white dick is so hard

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